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April 3, 2016

Christ and the Greeks

Any program of classical education must cover the Greeks and Romans.  Most do so in a strictly chronological fashion, treating the two cultures almost as self-contained entities.  Moreover, Christian programs that filter the classical studies through worldview concerns tend to gloss over the significant continuities and discontinuities both cultures have with the first 1500 years of Christianity.  The result is often a truncated understanding of Greece, of Rome, and of the history of the Faith.

My program aims for something different and more enriching for the student: namely, an integrated understanding of how God’s revelation in Christ simultaneously built on and radically transformed the world as it existed when the angels sung their triumphant “Gloria!” to the shepherds.

A goal such as this sounds as if the reading and study load must assuredly be daunting.  Not so.  Following the ancient maxim, “multum, non multa” – “much, not many,” I have striven to create a study program for High Schoolers that balances depth and workload.

The format of the course will be: occasional short audio lectures, assigned class work due on seminar days, and two 1-hour online seminars per week.   The course provides credits for History / Literature / Bible.  Below is a sample syllabus for the 1st quarter of this course:

***Special Introductory Tuition Rate: 20% off normal price***

Christ and the Greeks course alone – $450

Christ and the Greeks course plus grading and tests – $500


Required Books (obtain from bookseller of your choice):

1st Quarter


2nd Quarter



3rd Quarter


4th Quarter