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April 3, 2016

Christ and the Romans

Building on the overarching themes of Christ and the Greeks, this course aims to extend the student’s integrated understanding of how God’s revelation in Christ simultaneously built on and radically transformed the world as it existed “in the fullness of times” when “God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons” (Gal. 4:4-5).

The need for integration is particularly acute when it comes to studying Rome, for it is a simple – though often oddly overlooked – fact that the early Christians were Romans, and so naturally took many of their assumptions about what Christ’s life, death, and resurrection meant for their lives from the culture that was (as all cultures are) like the very air that they breathed.

For more than a millennium, Christians easily fused the angelic announcement to the shepherds of “Peace on earth, good will toward men!” with the Emperor Constantine’s reported dream of a cross in the sky, “In this sign, you will conquer!”  From Caesar Augustus to Emperor Theodosius to Charlemagne to the Medieval Popes to the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the legacy of Romanitas (“Roman-ness”) has exerted tremendous influence on expressions of the Faith.  In some ways, this influence continues today.  The need for us to better understand Christ and the Romans is thus very pronounced.

In this course, we will continue to follow the ancient maxim, “multum, non multa” – “much, not many,” striving to balance depth and workload.

The format of the course will be: occasional short audio lectures, assigned class work due on seminar days, and two 1-hour online seminars per week.   The course provides credits for History / Literature / Bible. The current projected breakdown of the course is as follows:


***Special Introductory Tuition Rate: 20% off normal price***

Christ and the Romans course alone – $450

Christ and the Romans course plus grading and tests – $500


Required Books (obtain from bookseller of your choice):