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April 4, 2016

Classical Rhetoric

A staple of ancient classical Christian education was the discipline of rhetoric, or the art of writing and speaking well so as to persuade a wide variety of audiences to receive truth.

Studying rhetoric can teach us important things about what motivates other people to think and act the way they do.  It can teach us how to spot manipulative speech that is influencing other people so that we can use proper speech to remove objections that they may have to the Christian faith.  Understanding these things, in turn, can help us to better understand others and treat them properly as fellow image-bearers of God.

The format of the course will be: occasional short audio lectures, assigned class work due on seminar days, and two 1-hour online seminars per week.   The course provides credit for Rhetoric.

Required Texts (obtain from bookseller of your choice):






***Special Introductory Tuition Rate: 20% off normal price***

Classical Rhetoric course alone – $450

Classical Rhetoric course plus grading and tests – $500